Join FlyWithM3

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Two simple steps to join the largest Canadian unified and trained pilot network!

1) UAV Ground School

You must be an M3 Aerial Productions UAV Ground School graduate.  If you want to complete our training program, please visit for more information, and to register.

There are many ground schools across Canada, but many of them are not sufficient, in our opinion, and do not provide you with the knowledge you require to operate UAVs within our network.

If you have completed UAV Ground School through another company, let us know who, and we may consider adding you to our pilot network, but we reserve the right to deny your application.

Alternatively, if you have completed another UAV Ground School, you may register for our in-class training and be exempted from the online portion of the training (approximately 25 hours).  It's always a good idea to ask!

2) Register 

Once you have either completed our UAV Ground School, or provided proof of completion of another ground school program which we have accepted, then you can register for our pilot database.

At this time, we do not have the database registration available, but stay tuned, as we will be completing a beta launch by the end of 2018!